Enriched with honey and
nigella seed extract.

At JOHNSON’S® we understand the need to nurture a toddler’s need to explore while protecting their delicate skin from dirt and germs. For more than 125 years, JOHNSON’S® has researched and developed products to help you care for your kids’ delicate skin. Now JOHNSON’S® has launched the new clinically tested product range JOHNSON’S® Pure Protect Kids range.

Remember being ill when you were young? Instead of whipping out the cough drops and antibiotics, your mother or grandmother offered a natural, gentle cure of honey and lemon water. And there’s nothing like home cooking when you’re ill! The comfort of Bourikas decorated with nigella seeds or warm milk flavoured with the peppery seeds. JOHNSON’S® Pure Protect Kids formula is uniquely enriched with honey and nigella seed extract, which are known for their skincare and germ protection benefits.


Honey is a well-known natural
antioxidant that has been used in
medicine all over the world for the last
8,000 years. A popular ingredient in the
Middle East, both in cookery and medicine,
honey is recommended as part of a healthy diet.

The uses of honey are extensive and it is well known in
the skincare arena. Not only can it be used to soften
and smoothen skin, it has anti-inflammatory
properties which help reduce swelling.
However it is the antibacterial properties
that make it such a powerful medicinal tool:
honey has healing properties which help
strengthen the immune system.


Nigella seeds are known by many
names such as fennel flower, black
cumin and (in the Middle East) the
seed of blessing (habbatul barakah).
High in anti-bacterial assets, nigella
seeds are a valued traditional remedy
in Islamic medicine as it helps
overcome fatigue and fortifies
the body against infection.

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