Say yes to exploring with JOHNSON'S® Pure Protect kids

Why explore?

Exploring is an essential part of healthy and happy development for your toddler. Exploring nurtures your toddler’s curiosity and aids in crucial toddler brain development by creating situations and engaging them in activities in which they can use all five senses to discover the world around them. Touch has been found to help support a toddler’s growth and development, including improved cognitive performance and increased alertness and attentiveness.

Exploring with your toddler

Little explorers need constant gentle protection from dirt and germs. As a mother, your desire to keep your toddler clean while nurturing the need to start exploring is essential to happy and healthy toddler development. JOHNSON’s® Pure Protect Kids product range gently protects your little explorers’ delicate skin from dirt and germs so they can play, explore while learning, and develop their senses through the engagement of games and activities.


We love little explorers. And we understand that toddlers’ skin is so delicate and so different to adult skin, it needs mild & gentle care. That’s why we developed our clinically proven Pure Protect Kids range of products especially for toddlers, helping you protect their delicate skin from dirt and germs while they explore, play and discover the new found world around them. We take safety very seriously, which is why every product undergoes rigorous testing and is clinically proven mild. JOHNSON’S® unique NO MORE TEARS® formula is uniquely enriched with honey and nigella seed extracts, known for their skincare and germ protection benefits ensuring your toddler is protected every day.

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