JOHNSON’S® Expertise

We love babies. And we understand that babies’ skin is so delicate and so different to adult skin, it needs mild & gentle care. That’s why we have developed our clinically proven mild range of skincare products especially for babies, helping you to take the best care of your baby’s skin. We take safety very seriously, which is why each and every product undergoes rigorous testing for gentleness. This is symbolised by the NO MORE TEARS® and CLINICALLY PROVEN MILDNESS® certifications. Here you will find further detail to explain the science and testing behind JOHNSON’S® Baby products – trusted by mums for over 100 years.


NO MORE TEARS® - kind to eyes

More than 50 years ago, we developed a new set of safety standards to mark the quality and gentleness of our JOHNSON'S® Baby mild-cleansing soap-free Shampoo.

Mums both then and now could trust this wouldn't sting their baby's eyes. Ever since, JOHNSON'S® Baby NO MORE TEARS® has meant products that are pure, mild and gentle to use for your baby's delicate skin. This has allowed generations of mums, dads and babies to relax and bond, whilst delighting in more bathtime fun.

Ours are the only baby care products that carry the valuable NO MORE TEARS® mark, so we'd like to share with you some of the science, research and testing that goes into making them. Along the way, we hope you'll learn something new about us and a little something else about a certain special someone.

The 4 Stages of NO MORE TEARS® Testing

  • Ingredient & formulation review. Every single one of our ingredients and the combined formulation are all rigorously evaluated for safety
  • Pre-clinical safety evaluation. Our safety groups comprehensively examine these products in the laboratory to ensure safety
  • Clinical testing. Human ocular studies are performed by a board-certified opthalmologist
  • Medical review. We conduct a thorough review of all data to ensure eye safety

One of the strictest Johnson & Johnson guidelines

At Johnson & Johnson we set ourselves the strictest guidelines.

We do this because we have helped care for hundreds of millions of babies and understand that choosing the right product for your baby's delicate skin is very important to you.

All our NO MORE TEARS® products are tested thoroughly and have to pass four stages before we allow them to be used on your little one.

If they pass all of these sequential stages, only then will the product be granted a NO MORE TEARS® stamp of approval.

No other baby care brand carries the NO MORE TEARS® mark.

Deep understanding of babies’ eyes

At Johnson & Johnson, we're very conscious of the potential problems caused if harsh, soapy products get in your baby's eyes.

Nothing should come between you and your baby enjoying bath-time, that's why we make it our responsibility to know as much as possible about your baby's precious eyes.

The more we have learnt after generations of baby care, the better our products; which means less worry and more fun for the two of you.

Some of the things we know

  • Babies don't blink very much. Whilst adults blink every 3-5 seconds, in their first year it is not unusual for babies to keep their eyes open for one whole minute
  • Babies' tear reflex is delayed until 6 weeks or more of life and continues to develop up to 5-7 months of life
  • Eyes are the last of the senses to fully develop after birth

Leaders in our field

We have tested competitive baby cleansing products using the same criteria as all of the JOHNSON'S® Baby NO MORE TEARS® products. Most of these competitors claimed their products were: “Mild to the Eyes”, “Do Not Irritate the Eyes” and in certain cases “Suitable for Newborns”.

Most of these leading competitive products did not meet our NO MORE TEARS® criteria, therefore they didn't comply with JOHNSON'S® Baby eye mildness standard.

It just goes to show that NO MORE TEARS® is much more than just words on a bottle.

Science is a work-in-progress, no one can know it all. With each day comes the opportunity to learn something new and our scientists are always on the lookout for ways to improve and develop the safety of our products. If there's something new to learn, our scientists will find it and you and your baby will be the first to benefit.

CLINICALLY PROVEN MILDNESS® - mild & gentle on skin

Touch is your baby's very first language. To enhance that special communication with your baby, it's important to maintain healthy and hydrated skin. For that reason, the JOHNSON'S® Baby brand pioneered research into the unique nature of infant skin—research that provides the foundation for product development.

This research showed us that baby skin is much thinner than adults' and is therefore more vulnerable to irritants¹. To help protect your baby's unique skin, we have specially developed a range of moisturising and protective products, such as JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil and JOHNSON’S® Baby Nappy Cream, which all carry the CLINICALLY PROVEN MILDNESS® stamp of approval – letting mums and healthcare professionals know that they can trust this product for baby’s delicate skin.

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PROVEN BEDTIME ROUTINE – for better sleep

Tried and tested by real mums and their babies

JOHNSON'S® Baby has been pursuing the highest standards of baby skincare for over 100 years. So naturally we wanted to test the effects of our 3-step night-time routine before launching it to mums.

Researchers at JOHNSON & JOHNSON partnered with leading paediatric sleep expert Dr Jodi A Mindell PhD, to design a 3-week trial to study the effects of the 3-step routine on babies' sleep*.

The results

  • Babies fell asleep more quickly
  • Babies slept for longer
  • Babies woke less frequently and for shorter periods
  • Mums felt less fatigued and more energetic

More about the trial

58 mums and their babies took part in the trial.

In the first week, mums were asked to record their baby's sleeping behaviour - how long it took for their child to go to sleep, how long they slept for and how often they awoke during the night.

In the second week, the 3-step routine of Bath, Massage and Quiet Time was introduced, using JOHNSON'S® Baby Bedtime Bath and Lotion with NATURALCALM™ aromas. This continued into the third week, with mums asked to note any improvements to their babies' sleeping - and their own mood.

After the first 7 days of the 3-step routine, mums noted a marked improvement in the time it took for their babies to fall asleep, how long they slept and how often they woke up during the night.

These results continued to improve in the third week of the trial.

The results in more detail

  • Babies fell asleep more quickly.
  • On average, babies fell asleep 37% faster when using the 3-step routine.
  • Babies slept for longer.
  • On average, babies slept longer when using the 3-step routine.
  • Babies woke less frequently and for shorter periods.
  • There were over one third (38%) fewer night-time awakenings, and the amount of time babies spent awake was almost halved (49%).
  • Mums felt less fatigued and more energetic.
  • Mums also experienced a greater feeling of control and toddler bedtimes in particular were reported as 'easier' on a scale of 1-5.

Results first published in:

Cross-cultural differences in infant and toddler sleep, Jodi A. Mindell, Avi Sadeh, Benjamin Wiegand, Ti Hwei Howd, Daniel Y.T. Goh; Sleep Med (2010)

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A Nightly Bedtime Routine: Impact on Sleep in Young Children and Maternal Mood - Jodi A. Mindell, PhD; Lorena S. Telofski, BA; Benjamin Wiegand, PhD; Ellen S. Kurtz, PhD; SLEEP, Vol. 32, No. 5, 2009