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Changing a Nappy

Changing your baby's nappy is an important skill you will want to master right away. It's part of a simple, loving regime of care you can provide for a healthy start for your baby. Needless to say, you'll be putting it into practice quite often!

Watch our how-to video or follow the simple guide below.

Getting Ready

You can change your baby on a changing table or on any surface covered with a changing mat or towel. It's important to have all the supplies you'll need within reach before you begin. Remember never to leave your baby alone on a changing table or surface, even for an instant.

Many first-time parents are surprised by how many nappies they go through in a day. To make life a little easier for yourself, have plenty on hand.

Before and after you change your baby's nappy, be sure to wash your hands. And when it's time to change the nappy, make sure you have the following standing by:

  • A clean nappy
  • Baby wipes
  • A plastic bag to dispose of soiled nappy
  • Nappy cream
  • A change of clothes for your baby (just in case!)

Nappy Changing

Lay your baby on a flat, soft and secure surface. Remove the nappy by lifting the adhesive tabs, and then fold the adhesive strips back onto themselves so that they don't stick to your baby.

Next, using a JOHNSON'S® Baby Wipe or cotton wool dampened with water, clean the genital area by wiping from front to back.

Fold the dirty nappy onto itself and move it to one side. Place a clean nappy under your baby and pat your baby dry. It’s a good idea to apply a thin layer of nappy cream, to protect your baby’s bottom from the causes of nappy rash.

Secure the clean nappy by fastening the adhesive strips from the back of the nappy to the front panel. It should be snug, but not tight. Finally, dispose of the dirty nappy and wash your hands again.

Download our handy guide to nappy change